| Pact Technologies Manufacturing, s.r.o.

Customized plastics, wood
and metal-production.


Company’s profile

Pact Technologies Manufacturing, s.r.o. was established on October 10, 2006. Our main line of business is customized plastics-, wood- and metal-production.

Our customers include companies pursuing business in fashion, advertising, food processing, machine as well as the automotive industries.

Our aim is to provide support for their business activities and the promotion of their own products on a professional level, ranging from the concept stage to the actual realization at the customer’s.


We are your number one choice

Whether it concerns the design and production of visual merchandizing concepts, displays, saleable furniture or ShopInShop solutions, we are your number one choice. Why? Because we accompany all our customers and their product presentations throughout the entire life-cycle.

Beginning with the first rough draft, through 2D and 3D visualizations and the taking of samples to production, we guarantee our customers a smooth and reliable realization of their projects. Quality control, packaging concepts, and global logistics solutions.

All this is possible thanks to the scale of our PACT group and a very high level of internal production. Therefore, we guarantee the best price, a short delivery time, and reliability that can only be provided by

a partner at the heart of Europe.


Selection of our products